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Bärly in Winterthur

„The bear can have a winter sleep, whereas the human can have a valium sleep. When they both wake up, they‘re both looking for their honey. The bear due the lack of food and the human due the lack of love.“

Liminality describes the transitional period or phase of a rite of passage,

during which the participant lacks social status or rank, remains

anonymous, shows obedience and humility, and follows prescribed forms of

conduct, dress, etc.

The putting on of the bear costume and the transboundary performance

across the urban landscape symbolizes the tension between individual

characteristics, Socialization and a return to nature.

The city bear is "betwixt and between", an intermediate being ...

Bärly in Winterthur - Excerpt

2021, Winterthur, CH
Camera Operator and Human Trainer: André Krysl
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